We are located in the city centre. We are part of the historical and artistic heritage of Ronda

We are found in front of the House of the Arabian King and are located just 50 metres

Away from the Palace of the Marquis of Salvatierra, the Arch of Philip V or the House of Jalifa

If you book directly with us 5% discount

We are located 100 metres from the Convent of Saint Domingo, the New Bridge, the Old
Bridge and the Sanctuary of the Virgin of Peace. We are also 200 metres away from the
Bullring, the Commercial Centre or the Fountain With Eight Pipes. The Arabic Baths, the Palace
of Mondragon, the Basilica of Santa Maria or the Town Hall are all similarly nearby.


The privileged location of this hotel allows the guests to stay in a typical and retreat.”

White walls, plants and blooming geraniums.
Live the nectar.
And the relaxing sound of the water from the fountain.
“Entering the Hotel Ronda is to experience difference feelings”
A patio full of light and colour.
The patio found in the classical Andalusian houses.
In contrast with a modern touch.
A space thought in order for our customers to feel at ease, at home.

Comfortable sofas to relax and read our magazines, publications and books related to Ronda:

Rilke, James Joyce, Hemingway…

Or simply to relax after visiting the beautiful corners in Ronda.

Or to share experiences with other visitors

Cool in summer and warm in winter.

If you book directly with us 5% discount